Olympus Finance 2


Welcome to Olympus Finance 2, an algorithmic token in Fantom pegged to 1 $FTM
Docs are still a work in progress. We have forked from tomb.finance, please reference their documentation if what you are looking for is not here.


Olympus Finance 2 is inspired by previous algorithmic stable protocols such as Tomb Finance. Much like 2OMB Finance our protocol uses three tokens (THERMES, TARES, TPLUTO) to incentivize a stable 1:1 peg to $FTM.
The protocol's underlying mechanism dynamically adjusts $THERMES's supply, pushing its price up or down relative to the price of $FTM. Inspired by the original idea behind Tomb, Olympus Finance 2 is a multi-token protocol which consists of the following three tokens: -Peg Token ($THERMES). -Share Token ($TARES) -Bond Token ($TPLUTO).
THERMES - Two(2 layer) HERMES
TARES - Two(2 layer) ARES
TPLUTO - Two(2 layer) PLUTO
This project would not be possible without the excellent work from the tomb.finance team. Their project being fully open source and developed exceptionally well made it a pleasure to work with. Can't say enough good things about the TOMB team

The next stage is the $TZEUS token

Olympus Finance 2 will implement something new and interesting in tomb fork! It should be recalled that $TZEUS is the main god among the gods like $THERMES, $TARES, $TPLUTO
On Tuesday you will see the DeFi project yourself where the main token will be $TZEUS, you will be able to stake your previously earned $THERMES tokens (without any fees) and receive powerful $TZEUS tokens that will be available next week
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